Torque conversion

CEM3-G-BT Digital Type Torque Wrench

RoHS Tightening torque data management Digital Interchangeable Head Direct Reading Wireless Re-chargeable


  • Digital torque wrench with collected data wireless transfer function.
  • For inspection (-BTS). For tightening (-BTD).
  • Built-in Bluetooth® module to transmit data wirelessly.
  • Simplex communication model "-BTS" and duplex communication model "-BTD".
  • "-BTS" model is a wireless data transmission model of standard model CEM3-G.
  • "-BTS" model has a function to save the inspected data into the body and sends it to an external device by wireless.
  • "-BTD" model has a function to receive set torque value from the PC and thus can integrate several manual preset click torque wrenches.
  • "-BTD" model outputs torque value to an external device after each tightening completed.
  • As of September 2016, CEM3-BTS / CEM3-BTD and CEM3-G-BTS / CEM3-G-BTD series devices can be used in Japan, the U.S., Canada, the EU, China, Thailand, Mexico, Vietnam, Brazil and Taiwan. For other countries, please contact us to enquire.
  • Tohnichi's interchangeable head torque wrenches can be used with our interchange head lineup which offers the best selection in the world, making these wrenches ideal for your work.


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